Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Not a waste of time at all

Scott Baker LJ has ruined everybody's hopes of finally getting to the bottom of what really happened to Diana, Dodi and Henri Paul by shooting down Mohamed al Fayed's claims that MI6, Prince Philip, Slobodan Milosevic and you killed them, stating that there was no evidence to suggest otherwise.

Ask yourself this though, if MI6 did kill somebody then they'd make sure that there wasn't any evidence, wouldn't they?

He also appears to have ruled out any possible participation by the lone gunman, Savo Milosevic, a Paul McCartney lookalike, Alex Krycek, Martin Bormann or New Coke.

Scott Baker LJ noted that Mike Mansfield had dialled down the crazy compared to al Fayed:

"Mohamed Al Fayed's beliefs are to be contrasted with the way in which his legal team have been approaching the matter to witnesses. Advocates are bound by professional rules of conduct which do not allow them to make allegations of serious misconduct for which there is no evidence. Those representing Mohamed Al Fayed did not suggest to a number of the key players in the alleged conspiracy that they had played the part ascribed to them over the years."

Expect some sort of intervention soon from Heather Mills as to why Part VII of the Bar Code of Conduct is all part of the system's way to defeat justice.

No word yet though from Mansfield as to whether the current form of al Fayed's Thames-side toy is simply part of an incredibly cunning long term strategy to make them the Manchester United of London.

All in all money well spent then.

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geeklawyer said...

The image of MI6 as an efficient Bond like organisation is not one recognised by other agencies. MI5 has to go in and periodically teach them how to do their job after they f**k up.

They are widely regarded within some parts of the intelligence community as a bunch of public school clowns on a Walter Mitty adventure holiday paid for by the taxpayers.

Could they organise a killing? Even if they did which they don't, at least not directly, they screw it up.