Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Basically Bonkers

Ian Oakley sounds like he should have been a fairly bright, if somewhat dull, person. His picture makes him look pretty dull too. In fact he sounds like he should have been very dull:

  • Went to Durham University - yep, dull, although we'll give him some credit for taking History
  • Regulator at the FSA - dull to the max
  • Founding Chairman of Monmouth Conservative Future - sounds dull, whatever it is
  • Facebook friend of Chris Grayling, Grant Shapps and Louise Bagshawe (although his Facebook profile seems to have gone) - really big yawn
  • Conservative candidate for Newport East in 2001 - fairly dull, managed to get ex-Tory Alan Howarth's majority for Labour under 10,000
  • Councillor in Hillingdon - du.. well you get the idea
  • Conservative parliamentary candidate for Watford
Or at least he was the Tory candidate for Watford until about two weeks ago, which is when he stops sounding quite so dull. He was arrested in connection with a campaign of harassment against Liberal Democrats in Watford and resigned as the parliamentary candidate. There's a comment on that TimesOnline article that maybe Oakley was the real victim. That suggestion doesn't look quite so clever today as Oakley pleaded guilty at St Albans Magistrates' Court to five counts of criminal damage and two of harassment. It seems that over a period of two to three years Oakley targetted his Lib Dem opponents by:
  • Slashing car tyres
  • Smashing lights on cars
  • Making silent phone calls
  • Sending poison pen letters
  • Painting grafitti on an opponent's house calling him a "perv"
  • Accused one of his opponents of being a child abuser
Now, do you think he learnt this kind of thing at Durham, the FSA or Conservative HQ? The Mags told Oakley that his conduct was "very, very serious indeed, so serious that custody would be an option".

Oakley has been taken off the main Conservative party website, but his entry hasn't disappeared yet - you can still find it through the cache. The Watford Conservatives site also seems to have purged any mention of Oakley, but their banner proclaims "Cleaner. Greener. Safer." and it's a good point. Keep a close eye on the perps at all times and you should be a lot safer.

Daniel Finkelstein fesses up to his part in Oakley's selection and says that there "wasn't the smallest sign that he was, well, basically bonkers."


geeklawyer said...

"there ""wasn't the smallest sign that he was, well, basically bonkers.""

What, you mean like being a Conservative?

The Chief said...

Ha, nice one. Maybe they'll all do the decent thing and plead guilty to something.

Richard Elliot said...

He was at Durham with Ruth. She was pretty shocked to see him in the papers.

Crazy behaviour, no excuses for it.

The Chief said...

It might be that Durham vintage. I'd keep a close eye on her for a while if I were you.

Legal Lass said...

Hey Chief,

Thanks for popping by my blog the other day!

I think I am going to take the D off my CV and just face the music in interviews... perhaps I have to face the fact that my own rags-to-riches story (not dissimilar to yours) is not adding to my career success!

I"ll link you too.


Anonymous said...
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