Saturday, 1 December 2007

"It’s a free country, i'n'it?”

Excellent stuff from Baroness Hale (at 112) as the House of Lords slapped down the Countryside Alliance's latest challenge against anti-hunting legislation this week. Head of Legal has some more serious analysis, but I want to know if the Lords will be completely embracing this kind of approach and soon be texting their speeches in. Presumably this fella would completely flip out at such a development. Assuming of course that he hasn't already.


Head of Legal said...

It was a bit of an old-fashioned way of putting it, though, don't you think? I think if she'd written "It's a free country, innit?" she might have more fully captured the modern public's visceral attachment to liberty.

The Chief said...

Ha, I hadn't really noticed that, but now you have pointed it out I find her correction of the vernacular contraction quite troubling. At least the John Stuart Mill quotation is correct, as far as I remember it anyway.