Saturday, 18 August 2007

Nu Looks

Ok, I try to keep the non-law postings brief and to an absolute minimum, so all I've got to say is that I'm in the process of messing around with the site look. Let me know if I hit upon anything you really like or really despise. I check any changes with FF, IE and mobile Opera, but do let me know if it seems to be broken in any browser/OS combination.

If you subscribed to the feed a long time ago it might be worth changing to the feedburner one, it doesn't seem to randomly claim to have a whole load of new postings all the time.

Incidentally, is it just me or are Blogger templates a total pain to try and change? Would I be better off switching to Wordpress? On the subject of templates if you use Google Analytics and then change your template, don't forget to add the tracking code back in again otherwise you end up why absolutely nobody has visited for two weeks, which is what happened to ... err ... somebody I know (puts hands in pockets, walks away whistling).


geeklawyer said...

Also works fine in Safari under OSx.

The Chief said...

Excellent, cheers. Now if only I can get anything to work on linux. I tried to update gnome at the weekend and everything is fubared now. Why, oh why could I not leave well alone?