Sunday, 6 May 2007

Protest votes (2)

I obviously don't understand Blogger properly - despite posting this at about 9.50pm on Thursday it has been date stamped as 26th April. I guess this is because I used an old (unpublished) post as a template. Never mind, but by way of a brief update the PVP candidates came ninth out of nine candidates in both Central Hove and Wish wards. Although their candidate in Wish got pretty close to the two Liberal Democrat candidates I don't think that the whole experiment has received much coverage in any of the mainstream media outlets. Publawyer doesn't necessarily think that the whole idea was a good one, but he equally doesn't want to call anyone a 'crank' without thinking about it a little more. It's fair to say (even if it is a sweeping generalisation) that a lot of the electorate feel disconnected from the political process, but this is not making the reconnection.

What would be interesting is to compare the number of spoiled papers in these two wards with all the others. Or if someone was really interested they could look at the overall swings since the last round of elections in these wards to see if they had made any appreciable difference. Maybe for another day.

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Starting up and getting used to it all is quite a pain! It looks like you're doing well so far, though. "Build it and they will come." I'd recommend a visit counter of some sort, like sitemeter, and also Google Analytics. Other bloggers tipped me off about them. Fairly easy to install as you can Google for instructions. Then start leaving a few comments, like you used to do, but this time with your site link.

I've decided to carry on doing occasional posts as Pupilblogger and am managing one a week. You need to post more regularly than that to attract and retain readers, though. I've always admired Nearly Legal's site and approach.